Kaw Valley Precision Linear Comp (5.56/.223)

Kaw Valley Precision Linear Comp (5.56/.223)

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  • Provides forward directional muzzle blast control desired on .223/5.56 barrels
  • Fluted body reduces the weight and provides an aggressive aesthetic appearance
  • No crush washer needed for installation
  • No porting at the bottom to reduce dust signature when firing from the prone position
  • No poring at the top to reduce flash sight obstruction through optics or sights


  • Caliber: .223 Rem. / 5.56 NATO
  • Material: Steel
  • Finish: Melonite QPQ
  • Weight: 2.89 oz.
  • Length: 2.06"
  • Outer Diameter:
    • Body: 0.947"
    • Barrel Muzzle End: 0.7"
  • Bore Diameter: 0.264"
  • Thread: 1/2x28 TPI


  • Any .223/5.56 Barrel with 1/2"-28 thread pitch


Are you tired of your AR-15 build looking and sounding a lot like all the rest? After all the handguard, optics and barricade stops you’re still running that tired old squirrel cage compensator that cuts a lot of recoil but is loud. Then it’s time to step into the 21st century and put on a Kaw Valley Precision Linear Comp.

Kaw Valley Linear Comp Is Easy On The Eyes

A Kaw Valley linear comp doesn’t just squat on the end of your muzzle, it blossoms. The smooth lines of a KVP Linear Comp gently grow from your barrel into a thing of deadly beauty. Even in the dark, you can feel the gentle flutes that give you positive grip on your Kaw linear compensator so you can screw it on tight. Once you get it on you’ll never want to get this AR-15 linear muzzle brake off.

No Muffs, No Worries

Your new Kaw Valley linear comp collects shot gasses and funnel them downrange, away from your tender ears. Therefore, if you're into CQB or indoor events the KVP Linear Comp will be a blessing to everyone's hearing. This isn’t a cheap unbranded AR-15 linear muzzle brake that you found on eBay, KVP’s state-of-the-art engineering takes linear compensators to an entirely new level. The new Kaw Valley Precision linear Comp is designed to take the thunderous blast out of even the notorious AR-15 pistol. Your hearing is precious and we want you to muff up whenever possible, but if you don’t have time your Kaw linear compensator will make it bearable. Using the Kaw Valley Precision Linear Comp in a CQB situation, your target may feel the blast, but when you and your teammate won’t. Why use the KVP Linear Comp? Because you don’t care how your target feels.

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6 Reviews

  • Linear comp

    Posted by George on 20th May 2019


  • Great muzzle device!! Pushes sound and muzzle pressure away from the shooter.

    Posted by Unknown on 10th Feb 2019

    Great device!!

  • Works great

    Posted by Matt on 8th Feb 2019

    I’m using it on a 10.5” at pistol. It does a great job of redirecting blast down range. Makes the gun way more enjoyable to shoot vs the a2 birdcage it came with.

  • KAW Valley Precision Comp (.556)

    Posted by wkb1340 on 4th Jan 2019

    Simply put-for the price, one of the best linear compensators I've used.I've tried pricier ones and I can't tell the difference, this even worked better than some. I wanted one in stainless for my BRP Custom rifle but the black looks better than I thought. A few things to note however. The literature says no crush washer needed- you're probably gonna need one so may as well get it right away. Next, and this applies to anything forward of the muzzle (comps, brakes, flashhiders, etc.) you gotta keep that caliber sized hole in the center clean, clean it just like you clean the barrel. Probably won't matter much if you're messing around at 50 yards, but if you want minute-of-coyote at 200-300 yards-keep it clean. Lastly, after a few shots you may see a separation line between the two pieces of the comp. Nothing to worry about, unscrew it, grease the threads and put it back together. It will stay after a time or two (never hurts to check it anyhow). Also, grease the barrel threads before putting this on, makes life easier later on. In a nutshell- top quality, works better than it should and a reasonable price, combined with fast shipping. Can't beat it!

  • KAW Valley .556 comp.

    Posted by William Becker on 6th Dec 2018

    Overall, very pleased with this comp. Did what it was supposed to, most notable is the perceived noise. Even with muffs on, I could tell the level was reduced. So much so, I could hear the bullet hit the dirt backstop.
    As far as recoil reduction, c'mon, there's not much to start with. It's only a .223. However, muzzle jump seemed reduced and second shot target acquisition was quicker.
    Couple things that could make this exceptional comp better, first it should come with a crush washer that matches the contour of the unit. Just to pretty up the install. Second, make it in a stainless version so I can put one on my other AR!

  • It works

    Posted by Mark Luthi on 12th Aug 2018

    The noise and concussion from the FightLight Raider pistol with a normal compensator made the firearm uncomfortable to fire.

    This simple device made an enormous difference.

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