MPN: APVG100029A / APVG100030A


  • Feature-packed two-piece muzzle brake
  • Simple tool-less installation
  • 11-degree target crown for accuracy
  • Bold four chamber design virtually eliminates recoil
  • First chamber allows an uninhibited flow of gas to the left and right of the shooter
  • Three remaining chambers direct the gas backward acting as a buffer to help reduce the side concussion
  • 68RC surface hardness
  • Self-tightening jam net included
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • Caliber: .30 Cal up to .300 Win Mag (including .308 / 7.62 /300BLK)
  • Material: 17-4ph Heat Treated Stainless Steel
  • Finish: Blacknitride or Bead Blasted Stainless
  • Weight: 4.73 oz.
  • Length: 2.95"
  • Outer Diameter:
    • LAMBDA PRS30: 1"
    • Self-Tightening Jam Nut: 1.15"
  • Bore Diameter: 0.33"
  • Thread: 5/8"-24 TPI


  • .30 Cal barrel with 5/8"-24 thread pitch


  • 1x VG6 LAMBDA PRS30 Muzzle Brake
  • 1x Self-Tightening Jam Nut

VG6 LAMBDA PRS30 Muzzle Brake



Do you like to shoot something like the big old .300 Win Mag but could really do without the recoil? How about those precision rifle matches that are gaining in popularity? Excessive recoil definitely has a negative impact on your performance there as well. Now Aero Precision has engineered a solution that is going to make your year. The VG6 LAMBDA PRS30 is a revolutionary muzzle brake that takes recoil reduction to the next level.

VG6 Precision LAMBDA PRS30 Muzzle Brake Let You Hit the Mark

This PRS muzzle brake is uniquely designed for the precision shooting of any .30 caliber rifle up to .300 Win Mag. The sides of the VG6 LAMBDA PRS30 use four separate chambers to accomplish this feat. The first chamber diverts gas laterally while the next three chambers push the gases backward. When combined, this PRS muzzle brake develops a buffering effect. This results in a remarkable reduction in recoil while lessening the typical concussion most muzzle brakes are known for.

Life Is A Better Place

As the shooter, you reap the direct benefits from the VG6 Precision LAMBDA PRS30 Muzzle Brake. However, those nearby will also notice the difference with the very first shot. While you would still be foolish to be close to such a weapon without wearing shooting muffs, this muzzle brake is an improvement. The design that cuts down the recoil also cuts down on muzzle rise. If your shooting precision long-range rifles your target is going to stay in the sight picture during the shot. Additionally, the VG6 Precision LAMBDA PRS30 Muzzle Brake turns in an excellent performance when you run full-auto. That makes your job easier. Less searching for targets, more time to hit what you see.


Step 1

STEP 1: Assemble LAMBDA PRS30 Brake

Screw jam nut onto LAMBDA PRS30 Muzzle Brake until it stops.

Step 2

STEP 2: Install Assembly onto Barrel

Screw LAMBDA PRS30 assembly (jam nut installed) on to your barrel until it stops. The jam nut should be touching the barrel shoulder. It helps to turn the muzzle break itself as opposed to the jam nut.

Step 3

STEP 3: Time The Brake

Unscrew complete LAMBDA PRS30 assembly until the brake achieves proper timing. The logo can be on the top or bottom position with the ports facing to the 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock positions.

Step 4

STEP 4: Tighten Jam Nut

While holding the LAMBDA PRS30 Brake at the properly timed position, screw the jam nut back down to the barrel until it touches the barrel shoulder, locking the LAMBDA PRS30 Brake in place.

Step 5

STEP 5: Optional Step

Hand-tightening of the LAMBDA PRS30 Brake is sufficient to secure the brake to your barrel due to the self-tightening port feature of the jam nut which tightens during initial firing after installation. For added security, you may choose to tighten the LAMBDA PRS30 further using 2 crescent wrenches (one holding the brake, the other one tightening the jam nut in opposing directions until tight.

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