• Drop-in upgrade to the Magpul Precision-Adjustable Stock (PRS)
  • Adding versatility without any troublesome modification of parts
  • Allows 2.5" upward or 2" downward adjustment; 10 degree left and right cant adjustment


You have the AR you always wanted…almost. You’ve carefully attended every detail of the build, from the barrel’s twist rate to the mass of your bolt carrier. You’ve built your perfect target rifle. Somehow, despite the adjustability of the Magpul PRS Precision-Adjustable Stock you’ve installed, it just doesn’t feel quite right. You’ve got to get the fit right to shoot your absolute best. When you need to complete the customized fit of your Magpul PRS stock, you need to add the JP Enterprises Adjustable Butt Plate.

With the simple addition of this adjustable butt plate, you will gain 2.5-inches of upward, and 2-inches of downward adjustability as well as 10 degrees of left and right cant. Take advantage of these additional fit adjustments and you will settle into your PRS stock naturally every time you pull up. You get a full custom feel without the hassle and expense of having a custom target stock fitted.

The JP Enterprises Adjustable Butt Plate is designed to be a drop-in addition to the Magpul PRS stock. With a couple of simple tools and less confidence than it takes to pull the trigger, you can and finally get the precision fit you crave. Simply remove the original recoil pad from your butt stock, add the JP butt plate and apply the Magpul recoil pad to the adjustable plate. Make the fine adjustments you need and enjoy the improved accuracy that the custom fit gives your next shot.

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