• Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Finish: Red Anodized
  • Weight: ~3.2 oz.
  • Length: 5.875"


  • AR-15 with rifle-length buffer tube

*Not for use with AR-10 type rifles.


For a quick and simple way to improve your shooting experience with your AR-15, consider the Low Mass Buffer from JP Enterprises. JP Enterprises is one of the most trusted names in the shooting world today and places a high focus on customer satisfaction. With a guarantee like this, it is no surprise that law enforcement officers, military personnel and competitive shooters hold JP products in high regard.

Buffers are responsible for helping to cycle the action of a semi- or fully-automatic AR platform rifle. The buffer rides inside the buffer tube and rests within the buffer spring. When the rifle is fired, the bolt carrier drives the buffer rearward against the spring. The spring then returns the buffer, and thus the carrier, to the starting position.

AR buffers are available in various weights, depending on their application. This low-mass buffer is ideal when you’re looking for rapid cycling and reduced felt recoil. These requirements are especially true for those who need the ability to perform rapid follow-up shots during firearm operation. This low-mass buffer by JP Enterprises is made of lightweight aluminum and is specifically designed for competition rifles with full-length receiver extension tubes. Combining this product with a lightweight carrier and adjustable will reduce felt recoil even further while maintaining the reliability of your AR-15.

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