MPN: 05000429


  • Full-Auto (M16) carrier with staked carrier key
  • Shot peened and MP tested bolt
  • Drop in M16 BCG upgrade for M16 and AR-15
  • Meets Mil-Spec requirements


  • Caliber: 5.56 NATO / .223 Rem / 300 Blackout
  • Material:
    • Carrier: Mil-Spec 8620 Tool Steel
    • Bolt: Carpenter No. 158
  • Finish: Phosphate
  • Weight: 11.53 oz.
  • Profile: M16

**A full-auto (A.K.A. M16) bolt carrier installed in a standard semi-auto AR-15 will not make the gun fire full-auto.


  • AR-15


  • 1x Bolt Assembly
  • 1x Extractor
  • 1x Cam Pin
  • 1x Bolt Carrier
  • 1x Carrier Key
  • 1x Firing Pin
  • 1x Firing Pin Retaining Pin


For a reliable M16 bolt carrier group (BCG) designed for the AR15 platform, take a look at this 5.56 Bolt Carrier Group by Noveske Rifleworks. The high-quality manufacturing of this product will prove itself over and over again during the course of your experience with your firearm. The Noveske Bolt Carrier Group (BCG) is designed to enhance the reliability of your AR-type weapon. This 556 BCG is made with the care and precision that has come to be associated with the Noveske name.

High-Quality Bolt Carrier Group Matters

Bolt carriers are one of the most durable parts of an AR-type rifle and are the least likely to need replacement. However, it’s important to remember that only high-quality parts can be trusted to perform at high levels of operation without fault or glitch.

Just A Reliable Mil-Spec M16 BCG

The Noveske BCG is a drop-in upgrade that is fully compatible with all Full-Auto and Semi-Auto AR15s. Designed to meet military standards, this component will give you years of worry-free operation. An improperly staked gas key is the nightmare of any shooter who has experienced the problems this fault can cause. The gas key of this 5.56 BCG is carefully staked to prevent failure of this critical component. The chrome lined on the inside of the carrier and the gas key help mitigate the effects of wear and tear on the BCG during intense firing. The Phosphate coating also prevents excessive carbon fouling buildup, thereby expediting the cleaning process of the rifle when your day is done.

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