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Noveske Rifleworks

Noveske Rifleworks

Noveske Rifleworks is a different kind of company. They live and die by the way their customers describe them to others. Words like quality, accuracy, and dependability are synonymous with Noveske. No other company in the small arms industry puts as much care into their product as Noveske does. While other manufacturers may sacrifice a little accuracy for better reliability, or allow a little more margin on the range in order to produce an easier handling firearm that requires less fuss, that’s not their way. Noveske is committed to delivering a complete product without compromise.

At Noveske, everything they make, from barrels and bolts to hand guards and flash hiders, literally every firearm component they make is designed and manufactured with the same obsessive attention to detail. Quality control isn’t a final step, it’s a commitment that begins with the selection and testing of raw materials. That’s right, testing. Every piece is examined and tested for hardness before the manufacturing process even begins. Noveske barrels are hand chambered, barrel crowns are hand cut and polished. When the team assembles a rifle for a customer, it’s one pair of hands that do the work, start to finish. That’s called craftsmanship. The ownership of every step of every process is what makes Noveske stand out from the crowd.

Noveske’s barrels marries the durability you expect from military profiles and the precision of match grade barrels to produce highly accurate rifle barrels that can perform under demanding conditions and high rate of fire like no other manufacturer.

Noveske barrel

Noveske Match Chamber

The advent of the Noveske Match Chamber brings a new era to the small arms community. Never before has there been a chamber so accurate designed to perform in the real world. The Noveske chamber produces results without the issues that many other manufacturers’ match grade chambers produce. The innovative redesign allows the shooter to use a truly accurate barrel that’s less finicky about the size of fired cases. That means failures due to stuck cases. Noveske has struck a balance between the tight chamber required for accuracy and needed allowance for case expansion so that you can have your cake and still shoot it again and again, without issue.

The opportunity to distribute products for Noveske Rifleworks is an honor we don’t take lightly here at Wing Tactical. Making quality components available to our consumers is what we live for. Choose Noveske Rifleworks components from Wing Tactical. Give yourself an edge.