• Lightweight Grade 5 Titanium bolt carry
  • Advance Black Ionbond coating provides excellent wear resistance
  • M16 style carrier w/ properly staked gas key
  • Compatible with both semi/full-auto configurations
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • Material: Grade 5 Titanium
  • Weight: 5.71 oz.
  • Finish: Black Ionbond (DLC)
  • Profile: M16

**A full-auto (A.K.A. M16) bolt carrier installed in a standard semi-auto AR-15 will not make the gun fire full-auto.


  • AR-15


  • 1x V Seven Titanium Lightweight Bolt Carrier
  • 1x Gas Key


When you’re ready to step into the world of ultimate up-grades where do you start? There is money to be spent and money you can save, that decision is where you start. You start with the top of the line parts that you can easily install yourself. You might want to start with an AR-15 titanium bolt carrier assembly made by V Seven.

Why Do I Need This Bolt Carrier?

When you want a lightweight bolt carrier you have to look into V Seven Weapons Systems. Above all others, their titanium bolt carrier reigns supreme. Their AR-15 titanium bolt carrier assembly is lighter and stronger than V Sevens’ wannabe competitors. You’ll notice the impeccable finish on your new titanium bolt carrier right out of the box, and after thousands of rounds, it'll still be there. With V Seven, quality shows, this is a case where you truly get what you pay for, V Seven will make sure of it.

Quality Company Equals Quality Products

V Seven is an all American company that brings together integrity and honesty to bring you the best lightweight bolt carrier on the market. You will always get a lifetime warranty and supreme customer service, so when you choose their titanium bolt carrier you won’t lose any sleep over it. V Seven machines every AR-15 titanium bolt carrier assembly to above industry standards, they make it to their standards. You don’t want just any lightweight bolt carrier in your new custom build, what you want is an AR-15 titanium bolt carrier assembly made by V Seven. Do your weapon a favor and step into the world of V Seven, you’ll never go back.

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