• Compatible with all Mil-Spec AR uppers
  • Nitromet (salt bath nitrocarburized) coating provides a hardened surface and increases corrosion resistance
  • Mounting hardware included


  • Material: Steel
  • Finish: Nitromet Black
  • Weight: 0.74 oz.


  • AR-15


  • 1x Nitromet Coated Ejection Port Cover
  • 1x Ejection Port Cover Rod with C-Clip
  • 1x Ejection Port Cover Spring


There are a lot of small parts that go into the completion of a custom AR system. When you need an ejection port cover kit to finish your next build, or you want one with a quality finish to replace a shabby worn ejection port cover, Wing Tactical has an excellent option available from WMD Guns. The WMD Guns Nitromet AR15 Ejection Port Cover Kit is a quality option for those of us who are ready to step up to next-generation coatings.

Gun Guys Obsess

Yes, we do. You know you’re as guilty as the rest of us. You could throw a cheap poly door, or any old metallic flapper on that ejection port, but you’re not going to be happy if you don’t do it right. Why ruin the whole project with an inferior port cover? You’ve gone to the trouble of picking out every other part of your new rifle for the best performance and appearance. Don’t mess it up with a cheap looking ejection port cover.

WMD Guns Superior Plating, Superior Results

When you choose a WMD Guns Nitromet AR-15 Ejection Port Cover Kit from Wing Tactical you’re getting a quality component finished with a superior Melonite plating process. The result is Nitromet coating, and exceptional performer that wears longer and resists dirt and fouling. The deep black of Nitromet is a step up from ordinary coatings that too often wear thin and begin to look shabby on a part that receives a lot of action. No such worry here, Nitromet plating from WMD Guns is in it for the long haul. Nobody does it like WMD, so choose Nitromet treated parts from Wing Tactical and give yourself an edge.

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