Tyrant Designs Glock 43 +3 Magazine Extension

Tyrant Designs Glock 43 +3 Magazine Extension

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  • Drop-in design, install in less than 10 seconds without the need of a tool
  • Designed to work with factory G43 magazine spring
  • Add 3 round capacity to Glock 43 factory 6-round magazine
  • Added control and increased purchase
  • Merges flawlessly with the ergonomics and styling of your Glock 43
  • Chamfered edges helps ensure that your Glock 43 conceals well despite the added length
  • Added weight to the magazine to ensure your empty magazine drop freely during reload


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Weight: 1.27 oz.
  • Height: 1.38"
  • Length: 1.15
  • Width: 0.9"
  • Capacity: 3 Rounds


  • Glock 43 factory 6-round magazine


If you carry a Glock 43, you already know that it's one of the best pistols around for concealed carry. The gun is highly concealable and carries a powerful punch. While its strength lies in the overall size of the frame, therein lurks its weakness. Now you can retain its benefits and overcome its weakness by adding a Tyrant Glock 43 +3 magazine extension.

A Hideaway Range Gun?

Your primary self-defense weapon will be more effective if you shoot it more often. The standard six-round capacity might do in a pinch, however, at the range, it's really not enough. When you upgrade to a Glock 43 plus 3 mag extension your gun's capacity grows to nine rounds. This means fewer mag swaps at the range and a more productive time shooting for you. If you enjoy practicing, it only makes sense that you are likely to practice more. When you upgrade to a Glock 43 +3 magazine extension you get a gun that's still concealable and works better at the range.

Have More Control with This Glock 43 +3 Magazine Extension

The Glock 43 is a difficult pistol to shoot well for those with even average size hands. A Glock 43 grip extension gives your little finger a place to hold onto. Without changing the angle of your grip, you gain ergonomic control and confidence. The Glock 43 plus 3 mag extension helps you draw, grip and aim your Glock better than before. This high-end Glock 43 grip extension is not molded out of cheap plastic. Tyrant machines each Glock 43 +3 magazine extension from solid aluminum, therefore, you know you can depend on it to perform for a lifetime.

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2 Reviews

  • Jams

    Posted by Devon Randolph on 29th Jul 2019

    My Glock 43 never jammed until I put this on. If you try to stick 9 rounds the first round out of the mag will nose dive into the magazine. Was hoping to carry with this mag. Just not gonna happen

  • Looks Great

    Posted by Daniel M on 24th Apr 2019

    Purchased the red version. Fit and finish were awesome. Their special installation method is a breeze! Made pairing the extension with a Ghost +11% mag spring super easy.

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