• Chamfered rear lug edges reduce firing pin spacer sleeve friction and wear
  • Extended striker tip reduce the chances of light primer strikes
  • Lightweight Fluted Design Reduces Ignition Time Between Shots
  • Precision machined 17-4 stainless steel striker hardened to H900 condition for maximum strength and service life
  • Highly polished critical surfaces improve sear engagement and reduces friction between the striker and trigger bar - smoother and consistent trigger pull
  • Drop-in installation
  • Premium grade ISMI reduced power 4-lb striker springs


  • Material: 17-4 Heat Treated Stainless Steel
  • Finish: Polish Stainless Steel


  • Glock 9mm (Gen1-4): 17 /17L /19 /26 /34
  • Glock 40S&W (Gen1-4): 22 /23 /24 /27 /35
  • Glock .357Sig (Gen1-4): 31 / 32 /33


  • 1x L2D Combat Ultimate Lightweight Stainless Steel Fluted Striker
  • 1x ISMI Premium Grade Reduced Power 4lb Striker Spring


When you want to upgrade your Glock, the two main areas to consider are either pretty or performance. Most people lean toward the performance, because, the increase in the guns usability gives you more pleasure than some extra bling. If you’re considering a basic performance upgrade a great place to start is with the fire control system. To get the most bang for your buck the thing to get is an L2D Combat Ultimate Glock Striker, for the improvement you’ll get this one’s hard to beat.

A Better Striker Means A Better Trigger

All of those high-end barrels, slides, and sights are not going to help you very much if your trigger pull is not right. In a Glock design striker fired gun, the striker is nearly as important as the trigger assembly. Your new L2D Combat Ultimate Glock Striker takes long strides in this direction. Its vital surfaces are all highly polished, while it may seem a small point, you will definitely notice a more consistent and reliable trigger break. That is a vital point on a double-action only pistol, consistency is born in knowing where you are in the trigger.

The Smallest of Things Can Make A Big Difference

The L2D Combat Ultimate Glock Striker is modified in several ways to help your Glock fire better. The beautiful fluting decreases the overall mass while increasing the strength of the extended tip Glock striker. While its highly polished hardened stainless steel surface improves sear engagement, the lower mass will make the ignition cycle faster. The slightly lengthened end of the extended tip Glock striker makes light primer strikes much less likely, so you can vary your type of ammunition.



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