• Enhance the reliability and performance
  • Extended striker tip reduce the chances of light primer strikes
  • The spiral fluted shaft allows debris to escape while reducing unnecessary weight
  • Precision machined 17-4 stainless steel striker hardened to H900 condition for maximum strength and service life
  • Highly polished critical surfaces improve sear engagement and reduces friction between the striker and trigger bar - smoother and consistent trigger pull
  • Drop-in installation
  • Premium grade ISMI reduced power 4lb and 5lb striker springs


  • Material: 17-4 Heat Treated Stainless Steel


  • Glock 9mm (Gen1-4): 17 /17L /19 /26 /34
  • Glock 40S&W (Gen1-4): 22 /23 /24 /27 /35
  • Glock .357Sig (Gen1-4): 31 / 32 /33


  • 1x L2D Combat Stainless Steel Spiral Fluted Striker
  • 1x L2D Combat 5lb Reduced Power Premium Quality Firing Pin Spring
  • 1x L2D Combat 4lb Reduced Power Premium Quality Firing Pin Spring


There are a lot of companies out there selling upgrade parts for Glock that are simply factory parts with a little extra polish, or an additional coating added to them. If you want upgrade parts that will give you the edge you expect when you spend your hard earned money, Wing Tactical can help you find them. Wing stocks the L2D Combat Fluted Striker Kit for Glock. It’s a real appreciable improvement over OEM Glock Strikers, not just another play on the same theme.

Fluted for a Reason

The L2D Fluted Striker is a Glock Strike Pin upgrade that offers a couple of real upgrades. Obviously, at a glance, you can see that it’s a great looking fluted striker, but that’s not all. It’s fluted for a reason. The fluted surface of this replacement Glock Striker allows soot and debris a means of escape. Fouling is no longer compressed and cooked onto crucial working parts. The result is a cleaner smoother running weapon. That means you’re more accurate on the range and spend less time at the bench.

Be Confident

The striker tip of the L2D Combat Glock Strike Pin kit is longer than that of the standard OEM pin. That creates a sure firing weapon, reducing the incidence of light primer strikes so you can carry your Glock with confidence.

A Smoother Pull

The polished surfaces of L2D’s Spiral Fluted Glock Strike Pin upgrade create a smoother reaction between the striker and trigger bar. Lessening friction makes for a smooth trigger pull and more consistent performance whether you’re shooting in competition or in a real-world scenario.



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