• Direct replacement for the factory Springfield XD or XDM magazine release
  • Match the factory profile per rule 21.6 in the USPSA rulebook
  • Extended release is suitable for carry and competition use
  • USPSA Production, Limited, and Open approved approved


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Finish: Black or Silver
  • Weight: 0.28 oz.


  • Springfield XD and XDM


Imagine the scenario. You are participating in a speed-shooting competition, but you do not have a Springer Precision Springfield XD Extended Magazine Release. You are in your final round and have excellent scores so far. You are, in fact, in the lead and have one final hurdle to cross. You carefully take aim and fire. One-two-three-four-five-six! Your bullets all fly true. Your magazine is empty. You need to replace it. Alas, your finger misses the hard-to-reach factory release. You break your stance to see what the problem is. You are able to drop the expended magazine and replace it with a fresh one, but precious seconds have been wasted. You finish your round, but your time is not sufficient for you to walk away with the prize. You take second place. All of the above could have been avoided if you had been using a Springer Precision Springfield XD Extended Mag Release.

The Cumbersome Factory Release

Factory mag releases are notoriously cumbersome and have the tendency to slow you down when reloading. While it is frustrating to be slowed down while competing, it does not place your life in jeopardy. When your very life depends on how rapidly you can change your magazine, it is critical that you have a magazine release you can trust.

Maintain the Ideal Grip

This Springer Precision Springfield XD Extended Magazine Release is manufactured from stainless steel and meets the requirements for the factory profile outlined in the USPSA Rule Book. These mag releases are excellent choices for those who want a little extra reach to enable them to maintain their grip. If you are looking for a quick and simple way to improve the functionality of your handgun, this Springfield XD extended mag release is your answer.

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Reviews (2)

  • Springer Precision Springfield XD/XDM Extended Magazine Release

    Posted by Jim on 27th Oct 2020

    Before I even ordered the product I had sent an email to ask a question. I was very surprised that I received a response right away. The mag extension (.100), was stupid easy to install. It took me longer to gather the few tools than it did to install it! I will also add that I inserted a several mags and banged the weapon around to see if the mag would remain in the weapon and had no issues with several type mags. I will also note, there are several videos on installation but it is really very easy. With the weapon unloaded, lock the slide to the rear. With a small punch on the right side of the weapon slowly drive the pin to the left. I held the weapon down with my left hand putting one finger into the mag well and holding the punch between two fingers. It is awkward but easy, as you drive the pin through you will feel the mag release pop out just a bit inside the mag well. I then pushed the factory mag button slowly from right to left and it moved into the hand grip, at that point I followed it through with the new mag release. The detent portion should be facing the trigger guard. At that point I flipped the weapon over and while holding the mag release in, from the inside of the mag well, tapped the pin back into it's original position. It was really that easy. The new release does not protrude very much and I have not been able to push it by accident. I think I may even go with the .150 to make it even easier with gloves. The days of rotating my grip to drop a mag are over.

  • Springer XD Ext. Mag Release

    Posted by Jim on 16th Oct 2020

    I purchased the .100" extended release for my XD 45, very happy with it. The workmanship is great, no sharp edges, nice finish. As far as installation goes, "Stupid Easy". It took me more time to get the tools, than to use them. Tapped roll pin until right side of mag latch popped up, pushed old mag release button in partway, followed by new button and bang! Held mag release in as I drove pin back home, and was done. Much easier to drop mags, and it looks great. Now I have to replace numerous other parts from Springer Precision to make my XD even better.

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