MPN: PRP-011-100 / PRP-011-150


  • Easier to reach for faster magazine change
  • Ambidextrous
  • Heat treated
  • Drop-in installation


  • Material: Steel
  • Weight:
    • +0.100": 0.25 oz.
    • +0.150": 0.28 oz.
  • Finish: Black or Raw Stainless Steel


  • Springfield XD and XDM pistols (including XDM Elite)


  • 1x XD/XDM Extended Mag Release


Fiddling around is not what you want to do when a magazine change is necessary or worse, critical for your survival. Being able to drop an empty mag in your XD/XDM pistol without having to hunt around with the tip of your finger to find exactly the right spot, and then mash it with exactly the right amount of pressure (possibly more than once) is what all magazine releases should be designed to do. However, like many products, firearms are designed for the average person. Average shooters, those who show up at the range on weekends for a little casual plinking, can take their time with magazine changes. Competitive shooters and people who carry either for personal protection, or as part of their profession, need absolute certainty they can win a match, or a fight, without having to fiddle with a magazine release designed for the average shooter.

A Solution to the Fiddle Problem

The aftermarket extended mag release manufactured by Powder River Precision is ideally suited for the demanding needs of the shooter who isn’t average. Powder River Precision's XD/XDM extended mag release was also designed to exactly the right length to make certain a quicker release can occur but not put the shooter at risk of releasing a magazine unintentionally.

Precision Made and Versatile

Powder River Precision’s XD/XDM extended mag release is CNC machined, heat-treated, stainless steel. You can readily install it to suit the needs of either left or right handed shooters.

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