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Springer Precision is a Redmond, Oregon based pistol components, and accessories company. Springer is made up of a team of shooters of all skill levels from simple enthusiasts to marksmen of the Grand Master level. Everyone at Springer Precision brings their own experiences to the table, creating an environment where everyone’s contributions come together to provide the shooting community with a high level of quality and service. Springer’s goal is nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction, a goal that they put their backs into every single day.

In-house Design and Manufacturing

Springer Precision runs their own CNC machine shop, that allows them to take their products from the drawing table through prototype, testing and final product in-house where they can give every step it’s proper due. The Springer Precision team continues to listen to the shooting community, developing new products and refining those already available to better serve the consumer. It’s that commitment to innovation and quality manufacturing that makes Springer’s handgun components client favorites and brings customers back to Springer over and over again.

Wing Tactical Brings You Springer Precision

A part of our never-ending effort to bring shooters products that they need and want at prices that make them a great value, Wing Tactical is happy to bring Springer Precision’s products to our faithful consumers. Just as Springer Precision strives to satisfy every client, Wing Tactical provides the accessibility and customer service that you deserve. Choose Springer Precision products backed by the dedicated customer service of the Wing Tactical team and give yourself an edge.