MPN: PRP-059


  • Designed to provide a more positive deactivation of the safety when the pistol is properly gripped
  • Helps to position your hand high on the pistol for a more consistent grip
  • Comes with a replacement grip safety spring

*Due to the tolerances of the XD/XDM pistols, this safety may require minor fitting of the engagement surface.


  • Material: Hardened Tool Steel
  • Weight: 0.39 oz.


  • Springfield XD, XD Mod.2, XDM, XDM Elite pistols (EXCEPT the XD .45acp, XD MOD2 models in .45 caliber, and the XD Thumb Safety Model)


  • 1x Powder River Precision Springfield XD/XDM Extended Grip Safety
  • 1x Grip Safety Spring


Handguns with grip safeties appeared at least as far back as those found on precursors to the Colt 1911. Grip safeties are controversial, in some circles, but because they are effective in preventing accidental discharges, they’re not likely to go out of favor. The Springfield XD grip safety is a continuation of this old technological solution to safety issues. Added to the XDM grip safety is the new technology of a “safe trigger” feature. Not only must the XDM grip safety be depressed by firm pressure on the pistol’s back strap, the trigger has to be pulled far enough to disengage the trigger safety. This gives you two positive methods to prevent accidental discharges.

Fits Most XD/XDMs

The Powder River Precision XD Extended Grip Safety replaces the XD as well as the XDM grip safety. Note, that the XDM extended grip safety does not fit the .45acp XD or XD MOD2 or the XD Thumb Safety pistol. Designed to be a drop-in component, tight tolerances may require minor fitting of XDM extended grip safety to the frame.

Improved Springfield XD Safety and Positive Release

PRP’s replacement for the Springfield XD grip safety is machined from hardened steel. The kit also includes a replacement for the grip safety spring. The modified design improves your hand position on the frame and ensures that the safety will be deactivated as long as a proper grip is maintained.

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