• Quick and easy to match your spring weight to your ammo of choice - from subsonic to high velocity .22LR
  • Color-coded for easy identification
  • Comes with 3 recoil springs: Standard, Reduced Power, and Extra Power
  • Standard rate spring: Direct replacement for the Ruger KA-57 recoil assembly
  • Gold extra-power spring: For high velocity ammo
  • Dark-coated reduced-power spring: Can be used for a softer recoil with standard velocity ammo. It can also be used with most subsonic ammo, but does not enable the use of 22 short or CCI Quiet ammo


  • Material: Steel


  • Volquartsen Scorpion
  • Ruger MKI, MKII, MKIII, and the Ruger 22/45


  • 1x Volquartsen Recoil Rod
  • 1x Silver Standard Rate Recoil Spring
  • 1x Gold Extra-Power Recoil Spring
  • 1x Dark Reduced-Power Recoil Spring


A poorly balanced pistol will produce inaccurate shots and erratic groupings, making your overall performance inconsistent and difficult to anticipate. With Volquartsen’s Ruger Mark 2 recoil spring assembly, you can balance your pistol depending on your ammunition type, improving your shots when compared to a factory standard recoil rod and spring. Give yourself predictable and reliable performance with the Ruger 22/45 recoil spring assembly.

How Does The Volquartsen Recoil Rod And Spring Kit Improve Performance?

This Ruger Mark 2 recoil spring assembly is an expertly machined package that comes with multiple springs suited for a variety of purposes. The rod itself is a durable metal which adds enough weight to your muzzle to give you a sharper degree of control over muzzle flip. This enhances your accuracy by reducing felt recoil, which also improves precision with tighter groupings. The springs from the Ruger 22/45 recoil spring assembly can be changed quickly and easily. They’re also color-coded to for specific spring weight. This enables you to properly balance your handgun for maximum performance.

Three Spring Rates For Specific Ammo

The heavy-weight, gold spring is designed for high-velocity ammo, which softens the felt recoil and reduces excessive wear on internal parts. The darker-coated spring is a lighter spring when compared to a standard recoil spring. This Ruger Mark 2 recoil spring assembly provides reliable cycling when shooting with standard velocity and most subsonic ammo. Ensure better accuracy and higher precision with Volquartsen’s Ruger 22/45 recoil spring assembly.

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