MPN: RP-0008N-4


  • Large front sight improves speed of sight acquisition and maintains visibility under stress and movement
  • Trijicon Tritium vials
  • Convex dot maximized visible surface area
  • PVD dot won't chip or fade
  • White dot reflects light for the best visibility in low light
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • Material: Steel
  • Finish: Black


  • Ruger LCR in .38 and .357 (will not regulate with LCR in .22 LR, .22 WMR, 9mm, or .327 Fed Mag)


  • 1x Ruger LCR Front Sight
  • 1x Blue Thread Locker
  • 1x 1/16" Drift Punch
  • 1x Front Sight Roll Pin


If you’re looking for Ruger LCR Night Sight that works well without changing the clean profile of your gun the XS Sight Systems Tritium Front Night Sight for Ruger LCR .38/.357 Revolvers is probably one of the best bets on the market.

Ruger LCR Night Sight by XS Sight Systems

Not only does the Standard Dot Tritium sight do away with the need for bulky battery operated sights by using the advanced technology of encapsulated Tritium for a foolproof and easy to use night sight, it does its job in low light far better than many competitors’ sights. The Ruger LCR Tritium Sight by XS Sight Systems doesn’t overwhelm your target view with too much internal or scattered light. Even in the worst lighting situations, you’ll have no problem acquiring your target and taking aim. Tritium’s self- illumination is strong enough that you’ll have no issues getting your sight picture, and it won’t distract from your ability to see things in the ambient light of your site.

Faster Sight Alignment with This XS Ruger LCR Front Sight

XS Sight Systems Ruger LCR Tritium sights are easy to aim, simply dot the “i” while using a standard rear sight, you’ll simply set the front Tritium bead in the groove of your rear factory LCR sight on your target and you’re ready to fire. XS Sights align intuitively, allowing you to react smoothly, without second guessing yourself when every fraction of a heartbeat counts. When the efficiency and effectiveness of your Ruger LCR night sight are the difference between going home for supper and going home in a box, you can count on the XS Sight Systems Tritium Front Sight Standard Dot Ruger LCR to keep you on the right side of the equation.


Ruger LCR Front Sight Removal and Installation

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