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XS Sights is a native Texas company that proudly offers shooters the best in low-light sighting with its innovative standard XS Tritium Sights and the XS Big Dot sights. XS Sights has simplified target acquisition and aiming procedures to eliminate guesswork and make fast target acquisition in high-stress situations and low-light shooting second nature. XS Sights upgrades are available for most common iron sight applications.

XS Tritium Night Sights

XS Tritium sights take the guesswork out of pistol sight alignment. Use an XS Big Dot sight and target acquisition and aiming become easy. Line up with the stripe, dot the “I” and select aiming point with the dot based on the shooter's distance from the desired target. Center the dot on the target for short range, or place the target on top of the dot for longer range shots. The bright white stripe and dot and tritium vials show up in difficult lighting conditions and make it easy to acquire a target even when the chips are down.

XS began as the brainchild of Ashley Emerson. In 1996, Ashley found himself hugely disappointed in the night sights available on the open market. Not only were they far from efficient, they were far from durable enough for real field duty. It wasn’t long before Ashley’s though processes found their perfect match in the manufacturing know-how of Ed Pastusek. Those men saw that there were better ways to go about things than the way the industry always had. They believed that designs based on real-world use and extensive feedback from field testing would yield true innovation and products that would evolve beyond the everyday standard and become durable and useful to shooters in real-world applications.

About XS Sights

In 1997, they formed A&E Mfg., which, like their products, would evolve over the years from A&E Mfg. to Ashley Outdoors, then AO Sight, and Express Sights before finally becoming XS Sights. Today, Ed’s son Jon Pastusek is CEO of XS Sight Systems. He continues the legacy of XS’s founders, keeping the company’s focus on hard work and fulfillment of the customer’s needs. XS Sights is committed to helping the Goodguy handle bad situations.