MPN: 112-041


  • Drop-in replacement of factory P320 trigger bar
  • Reduces trigger travel approx. 20%
  • Reduces reset
  • In X-Series models, pull weight will not change, but does reduce overall travel by 20%
  • Can be paired with the factory trigger, Apex's Advanced Trigger
  • Maintains factory drop safety values

*Due to the changes in leverage inherent in reduction of trigger travel, your trigger pull will increase by approximately 10% with this component installed.


  • Material: Steel
  • Weight: 0.25 oz.


  • For use in the Sig Sauer P320 pistols (Most recent model or with factory safety upgrade) with or without thumb safety, including the X-Series models. However, due to different internal dimensions of the mold, use in the Sub-Compact Grip Module is NOT recommended.
  • Not for use in non-factory upgraded P320
  • Does not function in Sig P250


  • 1x Forward Set Trigger Bar
  • 1x Over-Travel Stop
  • 1x Over-Travel Stop Spring


If you’re like a lot of Sig owners, you’d like to make some improvements on the “factory upgraded” P320. Improvements to trigger function are a top priority for most shooters. Apex Tactical offers a number of solutions to your Sig upgrade issues, including the Apex Tactical Forward Set Trigger Bar. The Forward Set Trigger Bar is a drop-in replacement for your existing Sig P320 trigger bar.

What Will the Forward Set Apex Sig P320 Trigger Bar Improve For ME?

The Apex forward set trigger bar works in all “factory upgraded” Sig P320 pistols and may be used with the factory Sig trigger or an Apex replacement trigger of your choice. The installation of this replacement Sig P320 trigger bar will effectively reduce trigger reset as well as overall travel and pull weight. These improvements will make you a faster, more accurate shooter, especially on follow-up shots. You’ll experience these improvements without compromising the safety values of your Sig P320.

Apex Tactical Specialties Does More for Shooters

Apex Tactical Specialties designs, manufactures, and markets a line of upgrade parts designed to give the shooter improved feel, speed, and accuracy without compromising safety. Apex knows that “adequate” isn’t good enough for you. Whether you’re a competition shooter, tactical operator, law enforcement officer or you carry for self-defense, Apex believes that you deserve a better weapon and they will help you make it yours. Wing Tactical is proud to bring Apex product so our customers so that they can continue to improve their own weapons. Choose upgrade components by Apex Tactical from Wing Tactical and give yourself an edge.

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