MPN: 112-030


  • Drop-in replacement of factory P320 trigger bar and curved trigger
  • Reduces trigger travel approx. 40%
  • Reduces reset approx. 20%
  • Reduces trigger pull weight by approx. 20%
  • In X-Series models, due to leverage, pull weight will increase approx. 6%, while overall travel reduces 30%
  • Maintains factory drop safety values


  • Material: Steel


  • Works with UPGRADES Sig Sauer P320 model pistols ONLY (including the X-Series)
  • Not for use in non-factory upgraded P320
  • Does not function in Sig P250


  • 1x Action Enhancement Flat Trigger for Sig P320
  • 1x Forward Set Trigger Bar
  • 1x Over-Travel Stop
  • 1x Over-Travel Stop Spring


If you’re like most pistol owners, you’d like to get the best performance possible from your pistol. If you opted for the “factory upgraded” version of the Sig P320, but you’re ready to make modifications to further improve its performance, Wing Tactical carries the products you need for your Sig P320 upgrades. When it’s time to improve the trigger function in your Sig, the Apex Sig P320 Flat Faced Action Enhancement Trigger is the upgrade you need.

Why Flat Faced?

The Standard Sig trigger features a curved shoe. That’s an industry standard, but it restricts the shooter’s choice of finger positioning, allowing little variation for leverage or comfort. Installing the Sig P320 Flat Faced Action Enhancement Trigger allows the shooter to rest his finger in a more natural position on the trigger. Lower natural positioning on the trigger gives the shooter better leverage on the trigger for a smoother trigger pull.

Flat Action Enhancement Apex Trigger Kit for Sig P320 Upgrades Speed and Accuracy

Installing a Trigger Enhancement kit from Apex Tactical specialties will improve your speed and accuracy by giving your weapon greater responsiveness. After installing the Apex Action Enhancement Flat Trigger Kit you should expect to see a reduction in the overall travel of your functional trigger, as well as reduced reset distance. Most shooters will find they have greater trigger control and weight of pull will be reduced by an average of 20%. X-Series owners, won’t get that lighter pull but will find the total travel of their triggers has shortened by 30%

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