• Target hammer provides approximately 50% lighter trigger pull weight
  • Precision EDM cut target hammer
  • Hammer hardened to a RC 58–60 to prevent any excessive wear and deformation
  • Exact Edge Extractor's hook is .005" closer to the rim of the cartridge to allow for the most positive extraction


  • Material: A2 Steel
  • Finish: Raw Steel


  • Remington 597


  • 1x Volquartsen Remington 597 Target Hammer
  • 1x Volquartsen Remington 597 Exact Edge Extractor


Who needs a heavy trigger? Who enjoys stovepipe jams? With Volquartsen’s Remington 597 hammer and extractor kit, both of these can be a thing of the past. This Remington 597 action kit is a bundle that includes Volquartsen’s Target Hammer and Exact Edge Extractor, two essential after-factory parts designed to enhance your experience on the range and in the field. Both parts are made from the highest quality steel which will give you years of faithful performance. Improve your proficiency by increasing your precision and reducing the amount of time spent unjamming stubborn brass with Volquartsen’s Remington 597 action kit.

How Does The Volquartsen Remington 597 Action Kit Improve Performance?

The Remington 597 hammer and extractor kit is a convenient package that contains Volquartsen’s high-quality Target Hammer and Exact Edge Extractor for the Remington 597.

Remington 597 Target Hammer

The target hammer is an expertly machined hammer that lightens trigger pull by 50%, giving you highly accurate and incredibly responsive shots. This target hammer is made with hardened A2 steel, making it extremely wear-resistant for years of reliable performance.

Remington 597 Exact Edge Extractor

The Remington 597 extractor features a hook point manufactured through electrical discharge machining, meaning its edge will remain good as new for years to come. Unlike many other extractors, the precise and long-lasting hook point on this Remington 597 extractor will extract brass cleanly and reliably to prevent stovepipe jams. This extractor is made from the same high-quality steel as the target hammer, giving you the same reliable experience that will last for years to come. Say goodbye to cumbersome trigger pull and stovepipe jams with Volquartsen’s easy-to-install Remington 597 action kit.

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