• 3-Position Adjustable
  • Strapless design, low-profile footprint
  • Enhanced Pistol Stabilizing Interface
  • Ambidextrous push button operation
  • Build-in sling loop


  • Material:
    • Body: 6061 Aluminum
    • Rods: 4140 Steel
    • Stabilizing Blade: Polymer
  • Finish: Black
  • Weight: 15.7 oz.
  • Length (from end of receiver to back of stabilizer):
    • Fully Collapsed: 4.50"
    • First Position Length: 6.50"
    • Second Position Length: 8.50"
  • Blade Height: 4.6"
  • Width: 2.12"


  • Rated only for use on Sig Sauer MPX/MCX firearms. Mounts directly to picatinny rail sections.


  • 1x Strike Industries MPX Stabilizer assembly (rods installed)

Strike Indestries MPX/MCS Stabilizer


How do you like your new SIG Sauer MPX pistol? I know, it’s reliable, it looks wicked and it’s fun to shoot, but it could be better. Honestly, unless you’re the size of Hulk Hogan, the MPX kind of feels clumsy, maybe just a little nose heavy to fire with just one hand. Well, that’s about to change. The SIG MPX collapsible stabilizer will make it feel like a whole new pistol.

Brace Yourself for A Whole New SIG MPX

This brand new SIG MPX stabilizer is custom designed to fit either your SIG Sauer MPX or MCX weapon. It is a drop in fit via the rear 1913 Picatinny rail interface in literally less than a minute. While nobody would call it heavy, the MPX pistol stabilizer does add just enough weight to the back so that little SIG balances out and comes to life. The innovative design of the MPX collapsible stabilizer gives you all the advantages of a pistol along with a third point of contact for more control. Your new MPX collapsible stabilizer locks in solid to three different positions. Therefore, you can take advantage of a brace point to match your shooting style. You will see better accuracy and your MPX will just shoot better.


*Know your local/state laws and regulations prior to purchasing this product. If you are unsure whether or not you have an assault weapon, please contact a firearms attorney. Wing Tactical LLC are not held responsible for injury or damage from inaccurate assembly, misuse, illegal use or modification of this device, nor are we held responsible for your understanding or interpretation of the laws and regulations that may apply.

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