MPN: 10-225


  • Securely hold a gas block roll pin to start the pin installation in a gas block
  • Easier and faster installation
  • Compatible with 0.078" gas block roll pins


  • Material: Steel
  • Finish: Black


  • All 0.078" diameter AR gas block roll pins


Geissele Automatic recognizes that installing the roll pin in a gas block is one of the most irritating parts of a rifle build. It’s not that it’s a difficult thing to do, it’s just exceptionally awkward to hang onto that little pin and get it in place without fumbling so that you can use a roll pin punch to seat it.

So how do American craftsmen manufacture confidence for this part of the armorer’s job? They produce the Geissele Gas Block Roll Pin Punch to hold the 0.078-inch diameter roll pin for simple insertion into the gas block. To use this handy tool, you will need to press the pin into the tool by standing it on your work surface and pushing the tool down onto it. You’ll need to give the tool a tap to seat the pin for handling.

Once the pin is set in the gas block roll pin punch you can easily insert it into the gas block. As the hole in the gas block takes hold of the pin it will collapse a bit so that it is released from the tool. Then all you have to do is give it a tap with a roll pin punch to send it home and you’re done. Those fingers can quit chasing tiny pins and get to the business of pulling triggers much faster, with a whole lot less frustration in the meantime.

Like all of Geissele Automatic’s innovative products, the Geissele Gas Block Roll Pin Tool is the brainchild of their craftsmen in North Wales, Pennsylvania. They are shooters and armorers who want to share their confidence with you.

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