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HM Defense

HM Defense

HM Defense Technology is an Ohio based manufacturer of AR-15 rifles and components for the AR-15 platform. HM Defense is rooted in the Aerospace industry and brings the advanced technology and science-based design capabilities honed creating parts for GE’s jet engine division to the small arms market.

HM Defense is Not Afraid to Break the Mold

While the rest of the industry is trying to reinvent the same wheel without making much headway, HM Defense isn’t afraid to step away from the Mil-Spec box. Case in point: The HMB Bolt is the HM Defense answer to the frequent failures seen at the pass-through point of traditional cam pins. Never shy to point out the obvious, HM Defense addresses this problem as the “natural weak point of Mil-Spec bolts” and refers to the design of the HMB Bolt as a “correction.”

It's Not Just the Bolt

If there’s a place to make an improvement to “standard” tactical rifles, HM Defense has probably identified it and if they haven’t introduced their fix for a long-standing Mil-Spec problem, they’re probably still working on it. From a simple QD End Plate to the HM 5.56 Muzzle Brake, every component produced by HM is an innovation you can count on to serve on the long haul. These aren’t “flash-in-the-pan” aesthetic improvements, HM Defense makes real innovations that elevate the performance of the weapon systems they’re introduced to.

HM Defense and Wing Tactical: Missions that Mesh

HM Defense makes it their goal to produce the finest rifles and aftermarket upgrade components available. They use an exclusively American workforce and U.S. sourced materials to achieve what other manufacturers only wish they’d thought of. At Wing Tactical, we strive to make the best components available to our customers so that each and every one of them, regardless of profession or affiliation, can have the value and performance they deserve. We love to partner with true innovators like HM Defense to bring outstanding quality components and value to a wider audience.