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James Madison Tactical

James Madison Tactical is the brainchild of Scott and Dan Hanchette, a pair of brothers who bring experience in design and manufacturing for the aerospace industry. During their stint in that field, the Hanchettes brought to market one of the most advanced experimental aircraft of the era, the Viperjet MK2.

James Madison Tactical Cutting Edge Technology and Design

It wasn’t long after getting interested in the small arms industry, that they began to apply their knowledge of cutting-edge technologies to improving firearms components. In 2013, James Madison Tactical began their mission to bring quality firearm components to the open market with the same dedication to cutting-edge technology and advanced design that they had used to design aircraft.

The Best Value for Your Money

While James Madison Tactical may be more widely known for their 80% complete polymer lower receivers than anything else, the lessons learned from building high-quality, advanced polymer lowers have translated well into every other product offered by James Madison Tactical. JMT offers products that may not be the absolute cheapest on the market, but they believe that they are the best value for the consumer’s hard-earned money.

The James Madison Tactical Saber Single-Stage Drop-In Trigger is easily one of the best values in the single-stage drop-in trigger market. Quality materials, precision machining, and assembly produce a value-priced, self-contained trigger group that outperforms factory Mil-spec triggers without adding an outrageous price tag to your build.

Wing Tactical proudly counts James Madison Tactical among their family of value-conscious manufacturers.