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Recover Tactical

After 10 years of providing their customers with the highest level of service, and some of the most unique and impressive firearm accessories on the market, Recover Tactical has earned quite a prominent name in the industry.

The Mastermind Behind Recover Tactical's Innovative Designs

The company was founded in 2013, and its products are designed by Tamir Porat, one of Israel’s most renowned weapon engineers. Apart from having extensive experience developing various weapon systems, Tamir also played a significant role in designing and developing the new Tavor rifle, which the Israeli Defense Forces and several other Militaries use.

Enhanced Pistol Functionality

Recover Tactical has a unique and innovative product line comprising some of the most Ingeniously designed grip and rail modules for various pistols, including Glocks, 1911s, and Sig Pistols. In addition, their grip and rail modules usually have unique designs that offer a sturdy platform for mounting a wide range of accessories on your pistols.

Recover Tactical also makes a wide range of smaller firearms accessories like holsters, bags, charging handles, and magazine clips.

Elevate Your Pistol Game

Recover Tactical is primarily known for its fantastic grip and rail modules, along with other similar ergonomic accessories that you can use to improve the ergonomics of your pistol.