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Rubber City Armory

Granted, in the world of aftermarket gun parts there are what seem to be a million choices and it’s easy to get lost in the search. After your money is spent, what control do you really have? When you decide on a company to do business with is the time you have control. Certainly, some are better than others and Rubber City Armory bears consideration as being among the best. They take pride in being an all American, family-owned company using American sourced material to produce quality products.

Keeping Values, A First Priority

Rubber City Armory stands firmly behind America's second amendment, they believe that our Constitution and Bill of Rights actually mean something. They believe that if you truly want to make America great again, we have to make it work here in America. You won’t find Rubber City Armory farming parts out to Mexico to save a dollar. You will find them in Ohio simply working for their country. They focused on creating a bolt carrier group with the shooter in mind. Maintaining value and performance while keeping the customer's needs at the forefront of their business model. You can control what your money will be used for by controlling where it goes. When you choose to do business with an American, value-based company you can rest assured your money is being well spent.

Thank You and Come Again

Rubber City Armory focuses on top-grade surface treatments for muzzle devices, bolt carrier groups, and their components. They employ a proprietary, special BlackNitride treatment that excels in every aspect of performance. The steel doesn’t simply change color, it changes composition. The surface becomes harder than the original substrate. This results in a durable, premium bolt designed to deliver a lifetime of flawless service. Rubber City Armory does not want to just sell you a new bolt carrier group. Their goal is to become your only choice when it comes to making any future bolt upgrades. Rubber City Armory takes advantage of the latest scientific technology to stay ahead of the industry curve.