MPN: BTI-001


  • Strong, easy-to-clean, enhanced heat treated Blackntride finish inside and out
  • Aerospace surface treatment provides ultimate durability and wear resistance
  • Lighter and stronger than standard Mil-Spec steel bolt carrier group
  • Precision machined bolt
  • Billet gas key properly torqued and staked
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • Caliber: 5.56 NATO / .223 Rem. / 300BLK
  • Weight: 7.87 oz.
  • Finish: Blacknitride
  • Material:
    • Carrier: Titanium
    • Bolt: 9310 Steel
  • Profile: Full-Auto

**A full-auto (A.K.A. M16) bolt carrier installed in a standard semi-auto AR-15 will not make the gun fire full-auto.


  • AR-15


  • 1x Steel Bolt Assembly
  • 1x Extractor
  • 1x Cam Pin
  • 1x Titanium Bolt Carrier
  • 1x Carrier Gas Key
  • 1x Firing Pin
  • 1x Firing Pin Retaining Pin


A titanium AR15 BCG offers you the strength and durability of steel at a fraction of the weight. Add the Rubber City Armory Titanium BCG's proprietary nitride finish and you have a bolt carrier group that is lightweight, smooth, and tough as steel.

What Is the Advantage of This Lightweight Titanium AR15 BCG In the Field?

When compared to an equivalent all-steel model, a lightweight Rubber City Armory Titanium BCG gives you a lighter, easier to carry rifle. This means you can go longer distances and cover more ground with the same firepower.

What Is the Advantage for Competition Shooters?

Having a lightweight, low mass BCG results in less movement and less recoil for each shot, allowing you to "zero back in" on the target's sight picture faster. For competition shooters, this allows you to make rapid-fire double-taps.

What About Replacements?

Unlike aluminum models, which have to be replaced on a regular basis, the Rubber City Armory Titanium BCG gives you a durability equal to steel. This means you can go thousands of rounds without the wear and tear associated with cheaper aluminum BCGs.

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