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SB Tactical - Inventors of the Original Stabilizing Brace

SB Tactical was founded by Alex Bosco and Grant Shaw in 2013, over the last decade, they have made a name for themselves in the US firearm market.

The First Company To Make Pistol-Stabilizing Braces

These days, many gun owners use pistol-stabilizing braces as a way to avoid the tax stamps and legal complications that come with owning an SBR. SB Tactical was the first manufacturer ever to introduce the concept of Pistol Stabilizing Braces.

However, their reason for the development of the product was initially quite different than what it has evolved to today. At its core, the pistol stabilizing braces made by SB Tactical was designed to help disabled soldiers shoot AR pistols and other PDWs. Alex Bosco being an Army Veteran himself, wanted to give disabled soldiers the ability to shoot guns as well, and that is why he developed the Pistol Brace and got the design approved by the ATF.

SB-Tactical Braces

An Avid Advocate of Gun Rights

Since pistol braces gained popularity and people started using them on their short-barreled pistols, SB Tactical got a lot of pushback from the ATF. However, they have worked a lot to fight policies against pistol braces and are a company that truly believes in citizens' second amendment rights.

Due to their efforts, pistol braces are still legal and can be used by anyone to stabilize their AR pistol and other similar firearms without adding a stock and turning it into an SBR. Of course, SB tactical makes other firearm accessories as well. However, they are widely known for making pistol-stabilizing braces.