• Upgraded to easily handle 5.56 and larger calibers
  • 2 in 1 Inline position and 45 degree offset position
  • SI ambush low profile mounting system
  • Tool-less dial adjustments for windage and elevation
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Available in Black and Red.


  • Material: Steel and Aircraft Aluminum
  • Weight: 3.56 oz.


  • Any firearm with top Picatinny top rail

**Designed to work on same plane handguard only. Will not work with a railed gas block that is higher or lower than the receiver.

Torque: Do not exceed 15 in/lbs (1.69 nM) for the Picatinny mount screws


  • 1x Strike Industries Sidewinder II Front Sight
  • 1x Strike Industries Sidewinder II Rear Sight
  • 2x Screws
  • 1x Allen Key

Strike Industries Sidewinder II


There's nothing wrong with new technology. GPS, smartphones, and Red Dot scopes are not only a big help, but they're now a way of life. However, when it comes to your weapons, high-tech can leave you hanging in the wind. A smart shooter always has a back-up plan. In this case, we're talking about back-up sights.

Old-School Doesn't Mean Old-Fashioned

Strike Industries Sidewinder II sights are a far cry from old-fashioned. Strike Industries sights belong on your AR in the new millennium. The days of ugly, bulky iron sights are long gone. The Strike industries Sidewinder II sights add a touch of useful class to any weapon. Of course, these sights fold flat when you don't need them. But, you will see that their folded low profile clears even large optics. When it's time for action, these Strike Industries sights shift into play with a flick of your thumb. Then it's game on.

It's A Working Model

While many back-up sights leave a lot to be desired, these bring it all. Some lesser quality BUIS feel kind of shakey. That's not the case with Strike Industries Sidewinder II sights. They're rock solid. An internal solid ball detent securely locks these sights into position. If you happen to shoot a larger caliber, don't worry, these sights can take it. For Sidewinder II, recoil doesn't matter. Additionally, Strike Industries sights lock into place either vertical or in a 45-degree position. Therefore, if your set-up or style dictates the sight position, Sidewinder II is the ticket. To finish off the package, SI designed the Sidewinder II to be fully adjustable for windage and elevation without any tools.

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