MPN: Ampule-7075-OGY


  • High-quality red dot, optic & laser adjustment keychain tool
  • Easy and precise adjustments to your laser front sight or other optic
  • Comes with a pivot ring for ease of use


  • Material: 7075 Aluminum


  • Trijicon RMR/MRO/ACOG
  • Aimpoint T1/T2/All 30mm Models
  • Eotech
  • Elcan Spectre
  • Dbal I2/A3/D2/CQBL Lasers
  • Peq15/C/ATPIAL Lasers
  • MAWL Laser


  • 1x RailScales Ampule Optic & Laser Adjustment Tool
  • 1x Key Ring

RailScales Ampule Optic & Laser Adjustment Tool


Have you ever seen somebody adjust their expensive optics with a coin? How about a knife blade or maybe spent brass, kind of makes you cringe doesn’t it? Have you ever done the deed? Well, stop it! That glass costs real money and it’s useless if you can’t turn those stupid worn-out screws. It is the time to consider getting one of these. The RailScales Ampule Optic and Laser Adjustment Tool, that's what you need.

Two for The Price of One

It’s no larger than your finger but just as indispensable. One end serves as a red dot sight adjustment tool having the standard two-dot configuration. The other end is an optic adjustment tool wearing a flat, contoured point that fits most optics and lasers. I know you got a red dot sight adjustment tool with your glass but where is it now? You will always know where this puppy is. It has a ring that easily attaches to a key fob or your range bag. Just put it back when you're done and don’t loan it out.

High Quality in A Small Package

Your optic adjustment tool is CNC machined from tough 7075 aluminum, it’s built to last. RailScales’ American made quality is second to none. They give this simple tool the same attention to detail given to their most intricate product. Rounded edges will give you comfort, the fluting adds strength and lets you turn it easily. Buy one and give it a twist.

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