• Made from G10 material - toughest high-pressure fiberglass laminate
  • Multiple textures to choose from - aggressive texture for traction
  • Superior grip and heat protection to your M-LOK rail
  • Thinnest G10 rail grip scales on the market
  • Made in U.S.A.

*Scales are ordered by single panel*


  • Material: G10 (High-Pressure Fiberglass Laminate)
  • Weight:
    • Short: 0.39 oz.
    • Long: 0.42 oz.
  • Width: 0.623"
  • Length:
    • Short: 3.147" (2 M-LOK Slots)
    • Long: 4.722" (3 M-LOK Slots)
  • Thickness: 0.125"


  • Any M-LOK system


  • 1x M-LOK G10 RailScale


Your new M-LOK rails look great, you wish you'd put them on before but aren’t your hands hot and sore? You need to dress it up and cool it down with a set of M-LOK Rail Scales.

The Best M-LOK Rail Covers On The Market

From design to finish the M-LOK Rail Scales are American made. You can find cheaper, but you cannot find better M-LOK covers anywhere. The instant your hot little fingers touch these beauties you’ll feel excellence. The RailScales M-LOK covers are machined to perfection, for your ultimate satisfaction. These revolutionary M-LOK rail covers are virtually indestructible and cover your every need, from looks to safety they have you and your rail covered.

RailScales M-LOK Covers Set The Bar, High.

You can finally shoot without gloves and be confident of your grip without the dread of shredding your hands. These M-LOK covers are machined from the renowned G10 material that’s all the rage. They are lightweight and offer extreme heat protection while saving your expensive rails from damage. Even though we try not to, the occasional ding will happen. With a set of RailScales M-LOK covers on your weapon those worries are a thing of the past. RailScales offer these M-LOK covers in five patterns for your gripping pleasure. Long or short M-LOK rail covers work around any accessories you choose for your weapon. You can keep it Spartan or get as radical as you want just grab some RailScales, you can’t go wrong.

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