• Replaces the front sight post without any modifications to the firearm itself
  • No special tools needed to install


  • Sight Body Style: Hooded .240 aperture
  • Crosshair Type: Duplex
  • Crosshair Size: .010 / .020 Diameter
  • Crosshair Material: Heat treated Steel


  • AR-15 standard front sight


If you are considering a replacement sight for your AR15-type platform, take a look at the KNS Crosshair Front Sight Post. This sight isused veryoften to replace standard post sights on AR-15s and similar weapons,so you can install this product with confidence. Because this front sight does not require special tools to install, it is a simple and easy procedure for owners of an AR-type weapon to swap out their old sight and screw in the new one. In fact, no modifications to your gun are necessary to replace your old Mil-Spec front sight post with the KNS Precision Crosshair sight post.

KNS Crosshair Front Sight Post for AR-15

The KNS Precision provides the shooter with a clearer view of long distance targets compared to other types of sights. The 0.240-inch diameter blackened brass housing of this sight makes it easy for the shooter to see the target and to properly aim the weapon before pulling the trigger. The housing also shields the crosshairs from severe weather conditions, enabling you to take your weapon anywhere you like with a decreased risk of damage to your sight. Since this component is so important for your gun, a housing that protects against wear and tear should be chosen with caution. Luckily, this KNS Crosshair Front Sight Post fits within all the requirements of a great sight post.

The highly-visible duplex crosshair configuration of this KNS sight makes it easier for the shooter to pinpoint the bull’s eye for that perfect shot. This sight can be installed on a variety of weapons, including AR-15s, .308 AR platform rifles, SR25s, and any weapons equipped with a detachable AR-15 type front sight. So if you want to upgrade your sight post to a more accurate one with ease, go ahead and check out the KNS Crosshair Front Sight Post!

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