• Features a side to side squeeze mechanism for uninterrupted quick attach and detach, even while the sling is in use
  • Utility cord cut-out design in sling swivel, for extra retention when using a make shift sling for standard style
  • Sling loop geometry prevents slings from rolling over, biting and bunching up
  • More user friendly than traditional QD sling swivel
  • Sling loop is heat treated for strength and extra load bearing


  • Material: 17-4 Stainless Steel
  • Finish: Quench Polish Quench (QPQ)
  • Length: 1.07"
  • Width: 0.562"
  • Height: 1.307"
  • Weight: 0.71 oz.


  • QD Swivel Socket

Strike Industries Quick Detach Sling Loop


Strike Industries is one of the firearm industry’s leaders for a reason. While other companies are cranking out the same cookie-cutter parts or trying too hard to reinvent the wheel, Strike Industries continues to produce innovative designs that make a difference.

QD Innovation from Strike Industries

Take something as common as QD sling swivels. They’ve been around for years, but the presentation wasn’t perfect and nobody was doing much about it. Well, the design team at Strike thought better of it and now there’s a better QD sling swivel. The Strike Industries Quick Detach Sling Loop is like no other QD swivel you’ve tried.

Easy to Operate, No Binding

The Strike Industries Sling Swivel goes beyond the competition, replacing the press to release QD attachment with a pinch type attachment release and a positive push-in latch. The Strike Industries QD Sling Swivel features two machined buttons for a positive grasp and easy one-handed pinch and go release.

The Strike Industries Sling Swivel features a machined groove in the sling loop to control slide if it’s necessary to use a paracord sling in an emergency as well as advanced geometry in the loop itself that eliminates binding ad rolling of sling straps. It provides a convenient comfortable carry, regardless of your preferred hold.

Wing Tactical Proudly brings you the Strike Industries QD Sling Loop. It’s a great way to give yourself an edge whatever your operating environment or style.

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