• Easily Convert from a single point to two point sling
  • Comfortable padded shoulder section
  • Nylon webbing is 1000D
  • YKK Hamerloc buckles
  • Double Stitched for added reinforcement
  • Comfortable padded shoulder section
  • Tourniquet storage


  • Material: 1000D Nylon, 3mm Spacer Mesh
  • Finish: Black and Tan
  • Padding: 8mm EVA, 8mm Foam
  • Webbing:
    • 1" Nylon Tubular Webbing
    • 1" Nylon Webbing
    • 6" Elastic Webbing
    • 1.5" Elastic Webbing
    • 1" Elastic Webbing
  • Weight: 5.26 oz.

Strike Industries S3 Sling Pro Padded Sling


Do you ever watch those infomercials on TV that say their product is perfect and it's the last one you will ever need? Well, chances are they're not exactly telling you the truth. Rarely does one size really fit all. In this case, the Strike Industries S3 Sling Pro doesn't work for everyone in every situation. However, it does perfectly fit the needs of many different shooters in many different situations. You just may fit in better than you imagine.

Don't Wear Yourself Out

The reality is that if you're fully decked out in tactical gear with an SBR in hand, you just don't need a high-end, padded 2-point sling. Go with a sling that's small and light. It's really all you need. However, if you're out in simple clothes or your weapon gains much more than five pounds, then after a while you could use a hand. More than a hand, you need the Strike Industries S3 Sling Pro protection. There is enough weight on your shoulders already. Get yourself a Strike Industries padded sling to spread it around.

Silent, Simple, Comfortable

After carrying your weapon a while do you ever roll your shoulder just a little? Maybe just run your thumb under your sling strap when nobody's looking. Well, that tells you that you have had too much weight, hanging on too thin of a strap, for too long. You are in need of a high-quality Strike Industries padded sling. The SI padded 2-point sling even has an integrated, hidden, secure storage space that's perfect for carrying a tourniquet. I personally carry beef jerky in my SI padded 2-point sling. What are you going to carry in yours?

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