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AccuShot Monopods and BiPods - Because Sandbags Are For Keeping Out Water

B & T Industries L.L.C. is a Kansas-based company that specializes in the production of uniquely innovative stabilization devices for rifle enthusiasts. Growing from those Kansas roots, B&T prides itself on keeping with the values of America’s heartland. They offer only American made products born from common sense solutions to real world problems.

In early 2000, B&T introduced the world to AccuShot Monopod. Touted as “the sandbag of the 21st Century,” the Accushot Monopod is attached directly to the rifle and provides a stable shooting support without the hassle and weight associated with traditional sandbag rests. It’s a lighter weight, mechanical rear support that brought the state of the art up to speed once and for all.

With the addition of the Atlas Bipod, B&T Industries brought the bipod into the modern era too. Instead of the awkward one size fits all approach of other bipods, Atlas Bipods offer adjustable cant and pan options as well as 45-degree leg positions and telescoping legs with locking mechanisms that are easy to operate yet strong enough to take the abuse of real field use.

American Quality

B&T’s products are carefully designed to function beyond the ordinary without trying to remake the wheel. They manufacture mono and bipods in America from the best materials available and market them at prices that remain reasonable to the average consumer. B&T Industries stands behind those products beyond what other companies might call reasonable.

In the name of surpassing the limits of traditional customer support, B&T industries even tries to make right the wrongs of unscrupulous competitors. If a consumer purchased a counterfeit product labeled as one of their Atlas Bipods, B&T offered them a discount on the genuine article if they would simply turn in the counterfeit.

Traditional heartland values, quality, and customer service beyond expectations. B&T Industries L.L.C. Wichita, Kansas, USA.