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Accu-Tac Firearm Accessories is an Upland, California, based company that designs and creates precision manufactured firearms products for the small arms market. Every step of their manufacturing process is state of the art, from cutting edge technology in computer aided design to the precision machining of each component. They pride themselves on being a 100% American company. From the raw materials, they use to create their products, to the American made HAAS machining centers they use to produce each piece, it’s All-American, you can count on it.

Where it Began

The company began when its founders began a quest for top quality bipods and other firearm accessories to enhance their own builds and found the market flooded with mediocre quality products priced for the luxury market. After identifying a niche that needed filling, the founders set out to create their own line of bipods and firearms accessories. They would provide a hungry market with what it was starving for: High-end bi-pods and firearm accessories manufactured of the best quality materials at prices that were fair to the growing market of firearms enthusiasts.

Dedicated to the Firearms Community

By their own declaration, Accu-Tac is “dedicated to those who love, live and breathe firearms.” They believe that if they can dream it, they can build it and that access to quality firearms parts is not “a privilege, it’s your right.” With those ideals in mind, the folks at Accu-Tac bring to market some of the best components available at market competitive prices. Whether you choose their scope rings, a muzzle device or one of their incredibly steady, adaptable bipods, you can be sure that Accu-Tac is bringing their A game so that you can be your best.