MPN: HD50-0000


  • Designed for the 50 BMG caliber platforms
  • Robust yet heavy duty
  • The arm lock lugs are designed larger to withstand the heavy recoil of 50 BMG
  • Ability to cant
  • Sturdy throw lever allows you to adjust the tension and enhance the ability to lock the canting motion into place
  • Adjustable bipod height - 9 positions, with the advantage to position each leg differently
  • Wider center hub delivers more stability and strength to support larger, heavier rifles
  • Made in the USA.


  • Material: 6061 T6 Billet Aluminum
  • Finish: Flat Black Hard Anodize
  • Weight: 27.41 oz
  • Min. Height: 7.0"
  • Max. Height: 10.0"
  • Min. Stance (90-degree): 13.50"
  • Max. Stance (90-degree): 14.50"
  • Closed Position Width: 5.5"
  • Closed Position Length: 9.0"


  • All Picatinny rails


So, how do you like the wonderful world of the .50 cal BMG? It's a different critter. Unlike the smaller rifles, they're certain things you have to have in order to play well with this big gun. Of course, you want a muzzle brake, and that means you need hearing protection. Then, you need some way to hold this big guy steady. For most situations, a bipod is in order.

Off-Hand I'd Say You Need A Rest.

This isn't a movie, and you're not Rambo. Firing a .50 cal BMG off-hand with only your hands for support is not an option. So, let's look at your options. You could use a tree limb, dirt bank, truck hood, maybe a wall as a gun rest. Realistically, you know that isn't going to work. Even if you can find things like that, and they happen to be the right height, you will scuff your BMG. That's going to make you say a bad word. Don't do that, spring for an Accu-Tac HD-50 bipod and keep your shoot rated PG-13.

Bring Enough To Win

Sure, your BMG has a picatinny rail, and you can find tons of cheaper bipods that will clamp onto it. However, you know those flimsy bipods won't stand up to the recoil of your BMG. Accu-Tac engineered the HD-50 bipod with your BMG in mind. You can adjust the Accu-Tac to conform to difficult terrain. Lock down the HD-50, plant your rifle and take that shot. When that cheap bipod fails, all the money in the world can't undo a miss. Sometimes, you only get one try. An Accu-Tac HD-50 bipod makes that shot count.

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