Elite Survival Systems

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Elite Survival Systems is one of the leading tactical equipment brands in the industry right now. Recognizing the importance of reliable tactical gear in combat situations, Elite Survival Systems specialize in making tactical equipment for Military personnel, law enforcement officials, and private citizens across the US.

Craftsmanship and Quality in Every Pistol Holster

Elite Survival Systems is a division of US Tactical Systems Inc based in Washington, Missouri. They make a wide range of tactical gear suitable for all kinds of shooters. Their pistol holsters are renowned for their exceptional quality and craftsmanship and are available in diverse designs to suit various preferences. They also make durable and practical plate carriers, tactical vests, and a diverse range of MOLLE-compatible gear that can be used with them. In addition, their diverse product range also includes travel and storage cases for rifles and pistols. It makes some extremely sturdy and rugged backpacks, concealed carry bags, and tactical range bags.

Gear Up with Elite Survival Systems

Elite Survival Systems aims to offer its customers some of the most intelligently designed and meticulously crafted tactical gear for concealment, everyday carry, discreet transport, range use, and tactical applications. In addition, their products are designed to encourage responsible firearm use, prioritize customer satisfaction, and offer advanced and dependable survival gear options in the market. This attention to detail, outstanding customer service, and a catalog of products that set industry standards have allowed Elite Survival Systems to develop a loyal customer base.