• Extended length over OEM for ease of use
  • Chevron pattern texture
  • Perfect profile match
  • Added control and increased purchase
  • Smooth chamfered edges
  • Color available in Black and Gold


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Finish: Anodized
  • Weight: 0.21 oz.

*Due to various factors that occur during the anodization process, the color may differ between batches for this product.


  • Standard Module Sig Sauer P320 and P320 xCarry

*May not work with TXG model due to tight tolerance


  • 1x Tyrant CNC SIG Sauer P320 Extended Magazine Release


The Sig Sauer P320 is an excellent pistol for home defense, and it has also been recently adopted by the US military as their new official sidearm, replacing the M9. The SIG P320 has several modern features, making it an excellent duty pistol.

Since the military adopted the P320, its popularity in the civilian market has skyrocketed, and forearm parts manufacturers have started making some really cool parts and accessories for the SIG Sauer P320.

Faster Reloads

If you are looking to improve the ergonomics of your Sig P320 and make reloads easier, you should consider installing the Tyrant CNC SIG Sauer P320 Extended Magazine Release. This extended magazine release is easy to engage, even for people with smaller hands. It allows shooters to make their reloads faster, as they don't have to shift their grip to hit the magazine release.


The magazine release button on this extended magazine release is textured with a chevron pattern. Its edges are also chamfered and smoothed out so that despite being longer, it doesn't snag on anything on the draw and can fit standard holsters.

Using the Tyrant CNC SIG Sauer P320 Extended Magazine Release is an excellent way to add to the aesthetics of your pistol. This extended magazine release is available in black and gold finish.

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