• Made from cost friendly cast process instead of CNC
  • Enlarged control surfaces for positive engagement
  • Lightweight but robust design
  • Raised "T-shaped" heel provides positive and distinctive control surface for locking bolt back
  • Compatible with Norgon Ambi-Catch without interference
  • Elegant tapered control surface and skeletonized design
  • Bold Horizontal and Diagonal Serrations


  • Material: 8620 Heat Treated Cast Steel
  • Finish: Manganese Phosphate Black
  • Weight: 0.53 oz.


  • AR308 DPMS Gen 1 Style Receivers. Such as Aero Precision M5


Designed to be a drop-in upgrade to the factory MIL-SPEC bolt catch, the Battlearms 308 Bolt Catch is an enhanced bolt catch that makes reloading your firearm even easier than before.

Why Choose this 308 Enhanced Bolt Catch

Ultimately, the biggest reason to add the 308 bolt catch to your firearm is the improved process of reloading the weapon. Shooters of all experience levels know that a clean, quick reload is one of the most critical aspects of firearm usage. Additionally, reloading is often one of the most dangerous aspects in a tactical situation, so any tool that you can implement that will make the process safer is a great investment.

How the Battlearms Bolt Catch Helps

Any time you’re looking for an addition to your firearm, you want to choose a piece that will be as functional as it is flashy. The Battlearms 308 Bolt Catch is both. Not only does its large control surface ensure a positive engagement, but the robust, yet lightweight design provides the look and feel that you’re looking for with your bolt catch enhancement.

If you’re looking for a sleek, aesthetically pleasing addition to your firearm that also enhances functionality, this 308 Bolt Catch is a great choice.

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