• The PWS PRC was designed to reduce the maximum amount of felt recoil while allowing the shooter to maintain an accurate sight picture of the intended target
  • Minimizes dust signature when firing from the prone position


  • Caliber: .30 Cal up to .338 (including 7.62, .308, 300BLK, etc.)
  • Material: Steel
  • Finish: Black
  • Weight: 4.02 oz.
  • Length: 3"
  • Outer Diameter: 0.966"
  • Bore Diameter: 0.375"
  • Thread: 5/8"-24


  • .30 Cal barrel with 1/2"-28 thread pitch


  • 1x PWS Precision Rifle Compensator
  • 1x Crush Washer


PWS Precision Rifle Compensator PRC (.30 cal up to .338)



If you like the idea of the Primary Weapons Systems Flash Suppressing Compensators but you need something designed for prone shooting, you might want to take a serious look at the PWS Precision Rifle Compensator. The PWS PRC is a .30 Caliber muzzle brake that not only takes care of muzzle rise and recoil motions, but it handles muzzle flash as well.

Excellent Control for 30 Caliber Applications

The PWS PRC brake works well with the full range of 30 caliber cartridges. If you favor a 7.62 field rifle or a .338 Lapua, the PWS PRC will take the place of other .30 caliber muzzle brakes and do the job better. The Precision Rifle Compensator manages both motion and keeps your line of sight clear of fire.

Say Goodbye to Dust Clouds and Keep Your Friends

Advanced design features make the PWS PRC Brake an excellent choice for battle and range applications. The solid 6 o’clock of this device keeps the dust on the ground where it belongs. Advanced design and directional gas ports control recoil and muzzle rise without the severe overpressure many other compensators cause. You’ll save the next guy down the line from the punishment of concussion blast and keep the dust out of your eyes when you use the Primary Weapons Systems PRC Brake.

From the Mailbox to the Range in Record Time

Each Primary Weapons Systems Precision Rifle Compensator comes with everything you need to mount it securely to your 5/8 x 24 threaded barrel. Don’t bother with crush washers and the headache of peeling layers to fit your device properly. Simply use the included shim kit to mount your PWS PRC. Timing your brake is simple, just select the shims you need to do the job, tighten and you’re ready to go.

Trust the Next Evolution

The Primary Weapons Systems Precision Rifle Compensator, Because It’s Time.

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