MPN: 5H7


  • Optimized ports for maximum brake performance and low noise from shooters position
  • 360-degree ports - no timing necessary
  • Wrench flats on muzzle brake for easy installation
  • Full-auto rated
  • Pre-drilled 3/32" hole - can be permanently pinned and welded to 14.5" barrel to meet 16" length requirement
  • Designed and made in the U.S.A.


  • Caliber: .308 Win / 7.62 NATO / 300 Blackout
  • Material: Hardened Steel
  • Finish: Mil-Spec Black
  • Weight: 4.49 oz.
  • Length: 3"
  • Outer Diameter: 0.96"
  • Bore Diameter: 0.36"
  • Thread: 3/4"-24


  • .30 Cal barrel with 3/4"-24 thread pitch


Do you love the long-range performance of your .30 caliber range beast, but not the abuse your shoulder takes? Then bring that beast to bay with the .308 muzzle brake 3/4"x24 TPI. You will enjoy high-performance, low-cost, and countless hours of shooting pleasure behind your new custom helical muzzle brake. This high-end upgrade is designed by shooters for shooters here in the good old USA.

Never Sacrifice Quality Or Performance

You may settle for store-brand groceries, but when it comes to your rifle, you have to go top shelf. When you choose the .308 muzzle brake 3/4x24 TPI you get it all, and you won’t break the bank doing it. Efficiency has been built into the design and manufacturing of your new brake. You’ll reap the rewards gained from years of experience, standing on the shoulders of giants to reach the next level. Improved design and efficiency mean a huge reduction of felt recoil and noise levels for the shooter. Custom ports have been machined equally around your new muzzle brake. This eliminates the need for timing or leveling of your muzzle brake, allowing for easy installation. Its classic black Mil-Spec finish adds the crowning touch to your new build or existing weapons platform. If full auto is your thing don’t worry this muzzle brake is built and rated to take it. One round at a time or a full mag, your Helical high-performance muzzle brake will take it all and come back for more.

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Reviews (4)

  • 308 muzzle brake

    Posted by Edward Travis Pearson on 15th Oct 2020

    Machining is perfect, performance is 100 percent better in my opinion than Vais or even Witt Machine and little bastard.

  • Great muzzle brake

    Posted by Shirley on 26th May 2020

    Extremely effective. Ordered 1 for my 308 bolt action, I was so impressed I reordered to put one on all my bolt action rifles. Eliminates muzzle rise to allow you to stay on target and eliminates virtually all felt recoil. Product is very nicely made and finished and the price is awesome. Also the service/shipping I received on both my orders was second to none.

  • Selentium Muzzle Brake

    Posted by B.Becker on 31st May 2019

    Lets start with looks- this looks bada** on my Lr308 build. Performance- does exactly what it's supposed to . Recoil is pushed directly backwards, toward the shooter. Keeps you on target for the next shot. Muzzle blast also is directed back, hence the need for shooting glassrs (should wear em anyways). Price- incredible deal on a very high quality brake. Combine that with Wing Tactical instant shipping and it can't be beat. If you like muzzle brakes on your bigger AR's, this is one to get. You won't be sorry.

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