• Compact design for wide usage
  • Normal baffles for maximum performance
  • No bottom ports
  • Top gas ports to reduces muzzle rise (can be clocked to mitigate torque as well)
  • Designed and made in the U.S.A.

*Muzzle Timing Device sold separately.


  • Caliber: 7.62 NATO / .308 Win. / 300 Blackout
  • Material: Black Hardened steel
  • Finish: Mil-spec black finish
  • Weight: 2.45 oz.
  • Length: 1.7"
  • Diameter: 1"
  • Thread: 5/8"-24


  • .308/300 Blackout barrel with 5/8"-24 thread pitch


As a shooter, you need equipment you can count on whether you’re hunting your personal best alone at the range, shooting 3-gun, SOF, and USPSA competitions or working in real life tactical situations. For big performance in a compact muzzle device, choose the Rex Silentium S-Type Muzzle Brake for your .308 rifle. This brake was designed to perform consistently no matter what environment you use it in.

The S-Type Muzzle Brake is a compact muzzle device that performs like a Goliath. Standard sized baffles mitigate recoil forces to keep you steadily on target. To manage muzzle rise, the 12-o’clock features a row of gas ports. The S-Type Muzzle Brake may be timed to manage torque if twist is a concern for you when shooting. To eliminate gas printing, Rex Silentiums’ designers gave the S-Type a solid floor.

Add an S-Type to your .308 and buy another for your AR-15, or AK-47. Custom Muzzle Brakes offers them for all three applications. Each S-Type Muzzle Brake is precision machined by American workers using only hardened American steel. They are finished in Mil-Spec black for a seamless look on your rifle. It’s almost a pity that such an effective component draws so little attention to itself. You’ll feel the difference when you shoot, dramatically less felt impulse, muzzle rise and twist to drag you off target. Your aim will be steady, your shots true and fast.

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