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Rex Silentium Custom Muzzle Brakes

Custom Muzzle Brakes for Your Custom Firearms

Every once in a while, a company comes on the scene and changes how the game is played. Rex Silentium (formerly known as Custom Muzzle Brakes) is one of those innovators that brings an intensity to what they do that begs the rest of their industry to step up. While there are companies that spread themselves thin trying to improve a variety of products at once, the laser focus of Rex Silentium remains where it started. They simply want to make the very best muzzle devices you can buy.

When firearms enthusiasts need high-quality muzzle devices that have been designed to manage muzzle rise, twist and recoil, Rex Silentium is there. If the shooter wants to avoid dust printing, they are the go-to manufacturer for muzzle brakes designed to deal with the problem. From the abuse proof Tri Delta to the deep crown of the Clawface line, Rex Silentium offers innovations that work in the real world.

The Muzzle Brake Expert

Where a need exists, Rex Silentium expands its reach to serve consumers who want quality muzzle brakes. Beyond the realm of tactical rifles, Rex Silentium also offers muzzle devices for rifles and pistols. Completing the picture without losing focus, Rex Silentium offers its line of locking nuts and thread protectors.

All of Rex Silentium offerings are designed and manufactured from the ground up in their state of the art facility. Each piece begins with quality, American made materials which are precision machined and finished under the careful guidance of skilled American craftsmen.