• Drop-in .308 bolt for DPMS style bolt carrier
  • Case hardened 9310, shot peened, magnetic particle inspected, with high-performance extractor, ejector springs, gas rings and special O-ring buffer
  • NiB-X Nickel Boron coated bolt and extractor for smoother operation
  • 40% more wear-resistant than chrome, and provides long life and easy cleaning in the harshest of environments


  • Caliber: 7.62 NATO / .308 Win.
  • Material: 9130 Steel
  • Finish: NiB-X Nickel Boron
  • Weight: 2.72 oz.


  • DPMS Gen I pattern LR308 rifles (.308)

*Will not fit DPMS Gen 2 pattern rifles


If you’re looking for a quality .308 bolt for your next custom build, there are a lot of options out there, but Wing Tactical is here to help you find the right parts for your dream build without slogging through the flavor of the month junk. One great option we have for those of you in the market for an AR 308 bolt is the WMD Guns 308 NiB-X Nickel Boron Bolt Assembly. This is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a high-quality .308 bolt and extractor.

The WMD NiB-X .308 Bolt Assembly is a Quality Choice

This WMD NiB-X AR 308 Bolt Assembly is made from 9310 alloy steel. The strength of steel coated in WMD’s proprietary NiB-X coating gives you a reliable bolt assembly that will function beautifully in your weapon system with little need for extra lubricants. The slick, durable NiB-X surface is expected to stand up to the rigors of use for 40% longer than traditional Mil-Spec coatings. NiB-X requires less frequent cleaning than other coatings as well as being much easier to clean when the time comes. The NiB-X coating process produces a harder, more durable surface than other Nickel Boron finishes on the market.

WMD and Wing Tactical Quality and Value for Every Shooter

Wing Tactical is proud to bring quality components at a great value to shooters of all kinds. Whether you are a weekend firearms enthusiast, a military operator, competitive shooter or you protect and serve as part of your local law enforcement community we’re proud to give you access to products that will make you a better shooter. Whether it’s a WMD NiB-X Nickel Boron .308 bolt or any other part you need, Wing brings you quality products from cutting-edge manufacturers like WMD.

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