• Full ambidextrous design
  • Fits standard DPMS Gen 1 style .308 uppers
  • NiB-X Nickel Boron coating provides a lubricious surface and ensures smooth cycling as it minimizes fouling or grit adhesion
  • Extended and enlarged latch for smooth operation
  • Serrated latch surface for positive contact
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • Material: 7075-T6 Aluminum
  • Finish: NiB-X Nickle Boron
  • Weight: 1.87 oz.


  • DPMS Gen I LR-308 Style .308 AR

*This will not work with DPMS LR-308 Gen II.


The WMD Guns ambidextrous NiB-X nickel boron .308 charging handle is manufactured to give you the convenience of using either hand to charge your weapon and ensures you always have smooth and consistent charging operation.

Why Upgrade Your Weapon with NiB-X Nickel Boron

Nickel Boron is a special coating that is known to be rugged, slick, and very smooth. It outperforms many baked-on coatings like Teflon because of Nickel Boron’s durability and superior longevity. When you clean your weapon, the Nickel Bron makes it a breeze because it limits fouling or grime from sticking to the finish. Additionally, the NiB-X Nickel Boron will consistently give you smooth operations when charging your firearm.

WMB Guns Ingenuity

The full ambidextrous design combined with the aggressive serrated surface makes this upgrade perfect for you regardless of your dominant hand. The serrated latch is extended and enlarged, giving you a larger surface area to grasp that supports smooth operations and consistent performance with your weapon. For your next upgrade, choose the WMB Guns NiB nickel boron .308 charging handle.

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Reviews (1)

  • S&W M&P 10 approved

    Posted by Jason Duarte on 16th Nov 2021

    This fits perfectly on my S&W AR10, the charging handle has nice wide grips, very quick release.

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