• True ambidextrous design
  • Aggressive extended latch for positive engagement under any weather
  • Made in U.S.A.


  • Material: Aircraft Grade 7075 Aluminum
  • Finish: Mil-Spec Type III Hard Coat Anodized
  • Weight: 1.48 oz.


  • All DPMS Gen1 LR-308 and Armalite AR10 platform such as:
    • Aero M5
    • DPMS Gen1 High and Low
    • Knights Armament SR25
    • STAG-10
    • Armalite AR10
    • Daniel Defense DD5 V3, V4, V5
    • And many others using DPMS Gen1 or Armalite AR10 platform

*Not compatible with: SIG716, Savage MSR10, Smith and Wesson M&P10, DPMS R-25 Gen II, Colt LE901, Bushmaster BAR-10, RRA LAR-8, HK MR762, POF ROGUE AR-10/.308 or others using a DPMS Gen2 style upper. These models use proprietary charging handle designs.


When you need a quality 308 charging handle that’s ready to work in any weather, you might as well take it to the Next Level. The Next Level Armament NLX 308 Charging Handle is an ambidextrous charging handle that’s designed for active shooters who work with gloves on and need to clear large optics without missing a beat.

American Ingenuity Born in Michigan

The team at Next Level Armament lives works and plays in Michigan. If you know a little about geography and weather in these United States, you’ll understand that there’s a great big chunk of the year called winter in Michigan that means a shooter gets to work with gloves on or opt for frostbite. How’s that for real world? That’s where the Next Level AR 308 charging handle was born.

Large Size and Positive Gripping Surface

In order to get the clearance needed to work around optics with gloves, the guys at Next Level Armament designed and manufactured their AR 308 ambidextrous charging handle with large ears you can get ahold of. They created an aggressive grooved gripping surface that lets the gloved hand hold solid to that handle. Nobody wants to be the dumb guy who has to reach twice (or more) to operate the charging handle. That just bites, literally. If you slip and rake your knuckles across a scope mount or catch a random edge, even with gloves on you not only get to look like the FNG at the range but gloves or not, you’re bashed up for your trouble.

True Ambidextrous Operation

With the Next Level Armament 308 Ambidextrous Charging Handle you get a true ambidextrous charging handle. Next Level designed this handle to work naturally from either side, it’s not a standard handle with an awkward secondary latch on the off side or “extended” gripping surfaces that create places to pinch fingers and catch your gloves in. An AR 308 charging handle that provides natural ergonomic operation with no snags. That’s another way you can give yourself an edge.

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