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Next Level Armament Brand Profile and Products

Next Level Armament

 We all know overachievers. Those are the guys who just aren’t happy staying within the average. They take it upon themselves to go above and beyond in everything they do. Those are the kind of guys who founded Next Level Armament and brought better than Mil-Spec AR platform components and complete firearms to the Next Level.

The Birth of Next Level Armament

Next Level Arms was born when a team from the precision manufacturing industry saw a need for real improvements to the AR components and complete firearms available on the small arms market. Tradition dictates that the average gun guy must buy an overpriced, off-the-rack rifle and spend months of mortgage money to reshape it into a firearm that performs as it should.

After a number of friends and employees shared their own private examples of this phenomenon with the men who would become Next Level, they had to make a change. They combined the special skills they carried from the most demanding machining fields on earth and rethought every aspect of the AR. They developed the NLX308 and the NLX556 rifle. During the process, Next Level Arms created a line of parts and accessories for the AR platform that puts the industry standard to shame. What they’ve done isn’t just an improvement here and there. They have elevated the AR platform to the Next Level.

The Products

Whether you need a quality brake, a hybrid flash suppressor or an ambidextrous charging handle, Next Level Armament offers a component that will provide performance like nothing else on the market. It doesn’t matter if you’re an avid AR-10 shooter or a devotee of the AR-15, Next Level Arms recognizes the need for better components at prices that make them an awesome value.

Wing Tactical is Proud to Offer Next Level Components

Wing Tactical and Next Level Armament share the belief that you deserve components that offer awesome performance without having to take out a second mortgage. We are proud to partner with Next Level Armament to bring their exceptional quality products to you. We know that you deserve Next Level quality. You deserve to give yourself an edge.