MPN: APRH101240 / APRH101241 / APRH101242 / APRH101243 / APRH101460C / APRH101462C


  • Mil-Spec 6-position buffer tube
  • Fully supports and guides the BCG into the buffer tube after a round is fired
  • Accepts all Mil-Spec dimension stocks
  • Ramped design for easy stock installation
  • Threads machined to allow stock to collapse fully
  • Drain holes located in position guide holes
  • Buffer retainer support extension
  • Available in Black, Kodiak Brown, and OD Green
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • Material: 7075 T6 Aluminum
  • Weight:
    • Buffer Tube: 3.88 oz.
    • Carbine Buffer: 2.96 oz.
    • H Buffer: 3.81 oz.
    • H2 Buffer: 4.69 oz.
    • H3 Buffer: 5.43 oz.
  • Finish: Hard Coat Anodized


  • AR-15


  • 1x Aero Precision Enhanced AR15 Carbine Buffer Tube
  • 1x Carbine Buffer Spring
  • 1x Locknut (Castle Nut)
  • 1x End Plate
  • 1x Buffer


Your buffer tube and associated components suffer quite a bit during the operation of your AR-15. Quite often, today’s more modern components and accessories don’t jive with standard Mil-Spec buffer systems, even adding wear and tear to your bolt carrier group or gumming up your folding stock. Aero Precision’s buffer kits can add functionality and durability to your AR to “compensate” for your new setup’s quirks.


The enhanced buffer tube kit’s ramped tube design and accurate thread depth allow you to attach new carbine stocks that would otherwise take a lot of fiddling to install correctly. You might have noticed these unused threads on other tube systems—some just file them down, but Aero Precision builds their buffer tube correctly from the start.


Dealing with wear and tear is a part of shooting, but including the Aero Precision Buffer Tube Kit into your weapon system with its extended bolt carrier supports will give your bolt a smooth ride. Custom drain holes don’t just keep your tube dry in wet places, and they also allow air to escape with each round fired, further smoothing operation.

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